How to confirm whether the wire and cable are aging

Author: admin / 2021-09-06
We all know that when the cables used in the home or business are aging, the merchants will easily cause danger when they continue to use them, but how to check whether the cables are aging requires certain skills. Wires have a certain lifespan, but consumers do not know about care or damage during the period, so the wires may be damaged in advance. The brief introduction of Linyi wire and cable manufacturer confirms the summary of wire aging.
The wire mainly relies on the outer sheath for insulation, which takes a long time, is corroded by corrosive gas, the insulation performance is gradually reduced, and when it ages and becomes hard, brittle or falls off, it does not have the insulation effect. In fact, the most direct cause of the aging of wires and cables is the breakdown due to insulation degradation.
Investigate the appearance along the wires and see dark and hard cracks. The curved lines of the hands are insulated, and the stiff and cracked skin spreads out. It was found that the color of the insulating layer lost luster, darkened, hardened, cracked, and partially peeled off. It can be seen that when the insulated wire is bent with both hands, the wire will become stiff, even the insulation layer will crack, the insulation layer will fall off, etc., and aging and serious aging have occurred.
If you can judge the insulation status of the circuit more accurately, you can use an insulation resistance meter to insulate the circuit. According to the insulation situation of Xian Roman, the lower allowable value is different. For example, the insulation resistance is at least 0.22; the humidity value in rainy days should not be less than 0.1 megohm. If the measured insulation resistance value is less than the above value, it means that there is a problem with the circuit insulation. Of course, depending on the usage situation, the cable usage time is different, and the consumer must handle the situation personally.